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Hello, welcome to Healing Yarns. My name is Sofia, I am a Counsellor, Reiki Practitioner and Crochet Workshop facilitator.

What I Do

I provide Counselling sessions with a person centred, strengths based and trauma informed approach. I am passionate about assisting and empowering people to safely overcome obstacles, build support, confidence and skills, and create positive lasting change in their lives.

I also provide Reiki Therapy sessions where I assist people to relax in a safe and nurturing space, facilitating the flow of healing energy through the physical and metaphysical body, dissolving blocks, clearing energetic pathways and restoring health and wellbeing.

Lastly, I facilitate individual and group Crochet Workshops using only used fabric and sheets sourced from op-shops, lovely neighbours and friends. In my workshops, I teach people to create beautiful soft rugs, baskets, bags, hats and more (checkout the Gallery here). I am passionate about the old practice of sitting together, crafting and yarning. There is something empowering and healing about it, connecting us to each other and all the hands that came before us, in a beautiful thread across time and space. 

About Me


I have been a Counsellor, Reiki Therapist and Crochet Workshops facilitator since 2017. I have a Diploma of Counselling with the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors, and Reiki Practitioner training with Intuitive Reiki International. I am an accredited Mental Health First Aider with MHFA Australia. I have worked as a Reiki Therapist Volunteer at the Cancer Council. I also completed Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Foundation Training with Birrdiya. I am fluent in both English and Portuguese.


Previously, I was a home educator to my three younger children, now aged 19, 18 and 12, following a Natural Learning approach which nurtures and is guided by the children's natural tendencies and preferences and their innate ability to learn. During this time I also supported other parents and children through organising and facilitating activities, as well as mentoring. I was also a Coordinator of the Friends of Herdsman Lake group. Before that, I completed a degree in Physics and worked as a Physicist and Physics Teacher. 


Some of my other interests in life are health and well-being, connection with nature and gentle exercise (bushwalking, gardening, camping, ocean swimming, kayaking), mindfulness, arts and crafts (crochet, drawing, woodwork, wirework, handywork, etc), creative and intuitive writing, reading, botany, environment and sustainability, music and spending quality time with friends and family.


Clients, friends and family say that I am an empathic, accepting, welcoming, non-judgemental and optimistic person and am able to easily establish rapport with people from all backgrounds. They also comment that I have a calm, nurturing, grounded and practical attitude that inspires security, trust and hope.

I look forward to assisting you in your very own healing journey.

Love, Sofia

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