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Reiki Therapy

A Reiki Therapy session works on the physical body as well as on the less visible energetic bodies, aligning, clearing and balancing. It works at a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, facilitating healing, change, transformation and growth.


A Reiki session is relaxing and assists with reducing or eliminating pain and dis-ease symptoms, and with recovery and healing.


A typical session is done with the client comfortably lying down while I place my hands on different locations along the body. These locations include the body's energy centres (chakras) as well as other points that may need attention. When a client has a problem in a specific area, this area may be a focus of the session.

I look forward to assisting you in your healing journey.



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Location - I offer Reiki Therapy sessions in Kallaroo, as well as a mobile service. Please enquire if you require a session at your home or another convenient location.

Cost and duration - 60 to 90 mins, sessions are free (if you feel like giving a donation that is perfectly fine).

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